My Father Unofficial Sampler 5 Pack

My Father Unofficial Sampler 5 Pack

Paladin Cigars

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My Father Unofficial 5 Cigar Sampler

My Father is among the most sought after Nicaraguan cigars by those 'in the know'. Its an odd name for a cigar company and people often ask me "Oh so does your dad make these?" HAH, no, but that would be awesome. However the name does have meaning that these cigars are produced by a long family line of tobacco GENIUSES who seem to just keep getting better and better as time goes on. 

Its incredibly hard to say which cigar is their "best" so we put together this amazing sampler to start you through the journey of their amazing lineup. 

Sampler Features: 

My Father - Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial - Toro Gordo - 6 x 60 

My Father - El Centurion Toro Box press - 6 x 52 

My Father - La Gran Oferta - Toro Gordo - 6 x 56 

My Father - Le Bijou 1922 - Grand Robusto - 5 5/8 x 55

My Father - Don Pepin Garcia Original - Toro Gordo - 6 x 56 

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