Aladino Palma Corona-Long (Corojo) 6 x 43

JRE Tobacco

  • $ 117.00

Aladino "Palma" Corona-Long (Corojo) 6 x 43

Body: Medium       

Flavor: Full

Wrapper: Corojo       

Origin: Honduras


Blended and crafted by J.R.E. (Julio R. Eiroa), the Aladino is a salute to the old Cuban traditions of cigar production.  This 100% Honduran cigar is made with 100% Corojo tobacco. Aged for a minimum of three years these exceptional tobaccos are hand rolled by masters to rival some of the best vitola construction in the world. These cigars are made right from start to finish and it shows in all areas.


Get ready for rich, complex flavor with just the right amount of body. A cigar that can be enjoyed by beginner to expert alike the Aladino is a must smoke! Because Julio blends each profile to maintain the flavor no matter the size of the cigar, just count on all profiles being super tasty! 

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