CLE Cigars 11/18 Corojo Toro

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C.L.E. Cigars 11/18 Corojo Toro

Cigar Attributes:

  • Profile or Vitola: 11/18

  • Size: 6 x 48/54/48

  • Wrapper Type: Honduran Corojo

  • Binder Type: Honduran

  • Filler Type: Honduran

  • Country of Origin: Honduras

  • Strength: Medium to Full


Flavor Notes:

Expect a rich tapestry of flavors described as "spice, creaminess, sweetness, citrus, oak, toast, and cinnamon," with "earthy coffee notes" leading to a "sweet vanilla finish."

Product Description:

The C.L.E. Corojo 11/18 is a celebrated offering from Christian Eiroa, encapsulating the legacy of the Eiroa family in the cigar industry. This cigar, named after Eiroa's mother’s birthday, is distinctive in its 11/18 vitola, which features a bulging middle and tapered ends. The construction is impeccable, ensuring an even burn from start to finish, which contributes to a smooth smoking experience.

This Honduran puro is wrapped in a beautiful Honduran Corojo wrapper, with binder and filler also sourced from Honduras. The use of authentic Corojo leaf from the 3rd and 4th primings gives this cigar its unique flavor profile. Smokers will appreciate the balanced complexity, starting with medium body and progressing to medium/full, delivering consistent richness and mouthfeel throughout the smoke.

In terms of flavors, the C.L.E. Corojo 11/18 offers an intriguing mix of earthy coffee, spicy-sweetness, floral, and citrusy tones that fade in and out, adding layers to the experience. The finish is long and smooth, accentuated by a sweet vanilla note that lingers on the palate.

For aficionados seeking a robust yet refined smoking experience, the C.L.E. Corojo 11/18 stands out as a premium choice, reflecting the craftsmanship and dedication of Christian Eiroa and his family's rich tobacco heritage

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