J.R.E. 100% Corojo - Santi

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J.R.E. 100% Corojo - The Quintessential Cuban Puro Experience

Discover the J.R.E. 100% Corojo cigar, a homage to the revered Cuban puro tradition, crafted with pure Corojo seeds from a single estate for a more authentic experience. This cigar captures the quintessential Cuban flavor profile with its rich spices notes, woody aroma, and creamy finish. Each draw delivers a smooth, robust sensation, reminiscent of the legendary cigars of Cuba. Embrace the legacy of Cuban craftsmanship with the J.R.E. 100% Corojo, the pinnacle of cigar connoisseurship.

Profile: Santi

Size: 5 1/2 x 32

Wrapper: Corojo

Country of Origin: Honduras