Best Cigar Samplers: Thin & Tasty - Lancero & Corona Variety 5-Pack

Best Cigar Samplers: Thin & Tasty - Lancero & Corona Variety 5-Pack

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Best Cigar Samplers: Thin & Tasty

Lancero & Corona Variety 5-Pack 

Embark on a journey of refined taste with our "Best Cigar Samplers: Thin & Tasty" collection. This meticulously curated Lancero & Corona Variety 5-Pack is a testament to the aficionado’s adage that thin cigars pack more flavor. If sophistication and depth in flavor are what you seek, this selection promises to deliver with every puff.

Within this exclusive sampler, you will discover:

  • Tatuaje Black Petite Lancero Colorado (6 x 38): A sleek and flavorful Colorado wrapper encases this gem, offering a medium to full-bodied experience with spicy, earthy notes, and a hint of sweetness. It's perfect for those who appreciate a cigar that balances intensity with complexity.

  • Hiram & Solomon Lancero Sumatra (7 x 38): Wrapped in a delicate Sumatra leaf, this lancero offers a unique blend of spices, coffee, and chocolate notes, providing a medium-bodied smoke that is as enlightening as it is delicious, ideal for contemplative moments.

  • Villiger La Meridiana Corona Nicaraguan (5 1/2 x 42): This Nicaraguan beauty shines with a medium to full-bodied profile, offering rich, earthy flavors complemented by a subtle sweetness. It's a testament to Villiger's commitment to quality and flavor.

  • La Aurora Leon Jimenes Corona Cameroon (5 1/2 x 42): Featuring a Cameroon wrapper, this corona is renowned for its mild to medium body, delivering a smooth, creamy smoke with hints of nuts and a sweet finish, perfect for both novices and seasoned smokers looking for elegance.

  • Drew Estate Liga Uniquo Papa Fritas (4 1/2 x 44): A small but mighty entry, this cigar packs a punch with its rich, full-bodied profile, bursting with flavors of leather, earth, and espresso. It’s a bold choice for those seeking depth and intensity in a shorter smoke.

The "Best Cigar Samplers: Thin & Tasty" pack is an ode to the discerning smoker who knows that true flavor lies in the refinement of the cigar, not just its size. It's designed for those who want to look beyond the size and delve into the rich, intricate flavors that only thinner cigars can offer. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, this sampler is your ticket to a world of intense flavor and unmatched sophistication. Enjoy the journey through some of the finest selections the cigar world has to offer, proving once and for all that great things come in small packages.


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