Best Cigar Samplers: Toro Rare Finds Variety Pack - Older Cigars

Best Cigar Samplers: Toro Rare Finds Variety Pack - Older Cigars

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Best Cigar Samplers: Toro Variety - Some Rare

5-Pack of Toro Cigars featuring some rare and discontinued treats!


Step into the realm of select tobaccos with our "Best Cigar Samplers: Toro Variety - Some Rare," a distinguished collection that brings together a 5-Pack of Toro-sized cigars, including sought-after rarities and discontinued gems. This sampler is a treasure trove for cigar connoisseurs, featuring a range of profiles from the robust to the refined.

Here's what enthusiasts can expect in this exquisite sampler:

  • Gurkha Heritage Maduro Toro (6 1/2 x 52): A lusciously dark Maduro from the Dominican Republic, this Toro is a medium to full-bodied experience, laden with rich chocolate and espresso notes, a hallmark of the Gurkha Heritage line's opulent flavor profile.

  • Cavalier Cigars Limited Edition 2022 Box-Pressed Toro (6 x 52): This Nicaraguan offering is a limited edition for 2022, a box-pressed wonder that provides a unique smoking experience, marked by a symphony of spices, leather, and a creamy finish, sought after by aficionados who favor exclusivity.

  • A. Flores PDR Serie Privada Toro Rosado (6 x 52): Crafted in the Dominican Republic, this Rosado-wrapped Toro is a testament to the Serie Privada's reputation for smoothness, delivering complex flavors of nuts, cedar, and a hint of sweetness that resonate with a sophisticated palate.

  • MATILDE Limited Exposure No. 1 Toro (6 x 52): This limited release is a celebration of craft and complexity. With a blend that's kept under wraps, each puff of this Toro is a chapter of flavor, revealing subtleties that keep the smoker engaged from start to finish.

  • La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar Toro Box Pressed (6 x 52): A special edition that's as rich in history as it is in taste, this box-pressed Toro offers a medium to full-bodied profile, with a blend that includes some of the finest tobaccos, delivering a sophisticated, well-rounded smoke.

The "Best Cigar Samplers: Toro Variety - Some Rare" pack is curated for those who delight in the discovery of unparalleled craftsmanship and the pleasure of a leisurely smoke. Whether you're a seasoned collector looking to add diversity to your humidor or a passionate smoker in search of that exceptional draw, this selection is your gateway to the rarefied air of premium cigar enjoyment.

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